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Welcome to the web site of the B&B “Sul Tratturo” which is located in Pescolanciano, into the greenest part of the “alto Molise”. The B&B is over the millennial path called “tratturo” which was used by the shepherd to move the flocks of sheep from the Abruzzo’s mountains to pasture near the sea.
 Few people know that the term “tratturo” was coined by the Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio deriving from a dialect word and its Latin roots: troere, tractus, lie in various terms meaning carry, transfer, pull, drag, letting oneself go to. The “tratturo”, therefore, much more than an ancient road is evoking a slow movement, a rhythmic walking in the sounds and scents of nature, a metaphor for the journey of life and still a wonderful experience…

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